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Consent For Kids (video)

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Because we need as many resources as possible, and because everyone loves cartoons, Blue Seat Studios–the folks who brought us the “Consent is as Simple as Tea” video–presents “Consent for Kids.” The video is a resource both for parents to teach the basics of consent to their children, as well as for kids to help them understand the concept in terms and situations that will resonate with them.

Blue Seat Studios has two additional videos found on their YouTube page, “Protect Yourself” and “James is Dead” that are quite effective at flipping traditional scripts around sexual violence and victim blaming. The videos highlight the culture of disbelief around victimhood and the ways in which rape culture requires us to monitor our behaviors so as to avoid violence or rape, as opposed to changing our behaviors so that we don’t rape or assault someone.

– Brett Goldberg

Watch Consent for Kids video on YouTube, and check out the rest of Blue Seat Studio’s videos on sexual violence.

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