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How to Talk to Kids About Sexual Abuse, and How You Can Help Prevent It

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Silence is perhaps the greatest threat to the safety and well-being of children. It is often thought that trying to “protect” children from adult themes or topics means pretending they do not exist, ignoring them, or talking about them in coded ways. But by sheltering children from the realities of sex and of violence, we may be making it more difficult for children to recognize when something happens to them that they are not comfortable with, and also make it harder for them to talk to their parents or other trusted adult should they be victimized. It is an unfortunate reality, but a reality nonetheless, that sexual violence perpetrated by both adults and children against other children is far too common in our society. Sexual violence goes unspoken because of societal stigmas and shame. This is especially so if the victim is a boy. Only through open, honest, and caring dialogue can violence be prevented or stopped, and healing can begin. This article from the Washington Post offers concrete and tangible suggestions for parents to open dialogue with their children regarding agency over their own bodies, setting limits, and recognizing harmful behaviors.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the article via The Washington Post.

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