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“Mad Max” Is A Feminist Playbook For Surviving Dystopia

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SPOILER ALERT: Maybe the finest, most feminist, moment in Mad Max: Fury Road comes when Max, with only three bullets in his rifle, misses the mark twice; rather than taking a third and final shot, full of masculine hubris, hands the rifle over to Furiosa, who not only hits the mark on the first try, she does so using Max’s shoulder as a rest for the barrel.

Laurie Penny, one of my favorite authors on feminism, politics, and current events, sums up the wonder of this film, and the very reason it received so much backlash from the so-called “men’s rights movement;” “What’s threatening about Fury Road is the idea that when the earth burns, women might not actually want men to protect them. Men might, in fact, be precisely the thing they are trying to survive.”

– Brett Goldberg

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