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Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

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Oppression takes many forms and can come from places both expected and not. These are times that call on us all to actively put forth our best selves, holding both ourselves and each other accountable. Solidarity, after all, is a verb. It is our collective responsibility to speak out against hate, against oppression, against the normalization of violence. Throughout our daily lives we often hear things that can be easily passed off as a stupid comments, an insensitive remark, or a distasteful joke. But our silence in these moments allows for silence in the face of greater dangers. It can be especially difficult to speak out against these things when they are said by someone we care about, by family or friends; or occur in places or by people that may make us feel insecure, such as in the workplace, or by a boss.

The Southern Poverty Law Center provides an incredibly thorough guide to opening up dialogue and shutting down bigotry and oppression. Broken down into categories such as “Joking In-Laws,” “Retail Racism,” and “Parental Attitudes,” this guide is easily navigated, framed with stories and scenarios harnessed from series of interviews and roundtable discussions. Until we can create spaces and communities free from violence and bigotry in our daily lives, we will only struggle against the greater oppressions and threats of violence that face us in the times to come. It is up to all of us to never accept bigotry, hatred, and violence as normal.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the full post via the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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