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All I Needed Was The Love You Gave: “13 Reasons Why” is Brutal and Necessary Storytelling on Bullying, Sexual Violence, & Suicide

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Author’s Note: This editorial is rooted in my personal experience, and my interpretation of the television series, 13 Reasons Why. I am not a professional/expert on suicide or depression, nor am I a clinical psychologist, therapist, or psychiatrist. As a certified Advocate for victim/survivors of sexual violence, I have training and experience in trauma counseling.…

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Watch Men Read Their Old Suicide Notes in a Gut-Wrenching PSA About Getting Help

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In a culture that mandates isolation, and suppression of emotions, asking for help is an act of revolution. Suicide is reaching epidemic levels in the United States–as in many parts of the world, especially the Global North. While CDC reports highlight that girls and women often attempt suicide at higher rates, boys and men are…

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