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The Brilliant Way This Special Ed Teacher Starts Class Every Day

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Empathy is not easily taught, but it can be embodied, modeled, and experienced. Special Education teacher, Chris Ulmer has found a way to build students’ self-esteem by modeling an encouraging and positive atmosphere in his class. Rather than treating “special ed” as a punishment, or a result of failure, Ulmer takes time out of every morning to tell each student why he appreciates them, what they are great at, and gives them a high five. The results are clear and prove that by intention or not, our actions have quantifiable and dramatic impact on the children we interact with. As a result, we have an obligation to treat children with dignity and respect, because after all, they are the future, and the way we treat them now, will impact how they treat each other later, and how they interact with the world around them.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the article with video via The Mighty.


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