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When Will Boys Become Men?

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The phrase “boys will be boys” used to excuse a myriad of behaviors, from the semi-benign: aggressiveness on the playground, competitiveness on the ball field; to the truly atrocious: street harassment (formerly known as cat-calling), to sexual violence and rape. What is interesting about this statement is that it associates the behavior of grown men, behavior they seemingly are powerless to not enact, refers to them as children. Men’s violence is excused in effect by saying they never grew up. This is not just a comment on the toxic nature of modern Western masculinity, but also the patriarchy of Western culture that has enabled and perpetuated men to grow up as children who are held unaccountable to the rest of society.

Brandon Ingram explores the social inconsistencies–and ensuing violence–when men are held to lower standards.

– Brett Goldberg

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