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Teaching Kids Body Privacy, Personal Agency, and Consent Begins While They’re in Diapers

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We often talk about the need for discussions around consent in the context of Universities and Colleges, and sometimes high school, the settings in which many high profile sexual assault cases have taken place. But what if those conversations happened much earlier, in middle schools, and even earlier in the home? Perhaps those acts of violence would have been prevented. Consent is often only framed in the context of sexual encounters, but we firmly believe that building consent forms the foundations of all types of healthy relationships. Blogger and mom, Adriel Booker highlights various ways that discussions around the concepts of consent, bodily autonomy, personal agency, and privacy can be held with very young children, forming an understanding at the earliest possible moments so that children grow up with an increased ability to empathize and respect the experience of other people, while feeling they will receive the same.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the article via Adriel Booker’s blog.

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