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12 Million People Watched This Perfect Father-Daughter Morning Mantra

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“I am strong. I am smart. I work hard. I am beautiful. I am respectful.”

With these words Ron Alston, father of three-year-old Aliya, walks his daughter through a morning mantra encouraging her to be positive, empathic, and confident as she heads off to school. In this clip, posted to his personal Facebook page, Alston is a model for fatherhood and parenting that defies toxic masculinity. Alston explains that the mantra is a morning routine that will evolve as Aliya grows up. Not only is this a beautiful example that can be easily replicated by parents with their children, it could be an amazing way for everyone to begin their day, whether an individual says similar mantras to themselves, or to their families, friends, or partners.

– Brett Goldberg

Watch the short video via Huffington Post.

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