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There is a never a bad time to take a step back and review some of the foundational principles and values upon which we seek to build justice and equity. Many articles on this site explore the ways in which patriarchy and toxic masculinity are harmful to the health, well-being, and relationships of men. But we also recognize that we live in a sexist culture. Structurally and systemically men are the dominant group who hold an imbalanced amount of societal power and privilege.

For men who believe in justice, who believe that women should have the same opportunities, who do not want to live in a violent culture, there are some fundamentals that they need to understand. This post from Buzzfeed is an excellent primer for these men in Feminism 101. It can be read quickly and is easily digestible.It is a good source to share with folks who mean well, but may be new to some of these ideas, offering tangible suggestions, steps, and actions that can be taken on immediately.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the post via Buzzfeed.

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