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How Using ‘They’ as a Singular Pronoun Can Change the World

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“The rule against using singular they is enforced neither because it preserves some consistent, objective grammatical standard, nor because it serves our communication needs. It is enforced because enforcing language norms is a way of enforcing power structures. Our pronoun problem isn’t just about gender — it’s about power.”

Language is both a reflection of our thoughts and ideas, but also works to shape them. By embracing the language of an idea, even before we have fully accepted it, works to help shape the way we understand it. While it may “feel wrong” to use the singular they, it is a concept that works to disempower oppressive structures upheld by the social construct that is the gender binary. Western culture perpetuates gender oppression by viewing trans*, queer, and sexual minorities as outside the mainstream of heteronormative cisgendered identities. Normalizing use of the singular they reduces dependency on he/she, and denormalizes the idea that those two identities are the only two identities.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the article via Feministing.

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