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An Invitation to Community: Restorative Justice Circles for Intimate Partner Violence

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“The family, friends, and neighbors of our communities are untapped resources in the movement to end intimate violence. They are the people who want to help, but aren’t sure where to start. Restorative justice provides an invitation to the table and the vision: the restoration of healthy human beings and relationships, and the empowerment of all people to live free of violence.”

Intimate partner violence won’t end while rape culture is socialized into us. Punitive “justice” won’t stop future violence. Restorative justice models of healing and accountability are the necessary future. Thanks to University of MN – Duluth professor, Emily Gaarder highlights the efforts to restore relationships and heal community in Duluth, a community that has been at the forefront of radical solutions to domestic violence.

– Brett Goldberg

Read the article via Tikkun.

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